Functions, modules, options

The matelso Control Panel and the associated services and modules are explained on the following pages. The FAQs also provide answers to the most frequently asked questions. If the answer is not provided there, please contact our Accountmanagement.

Table of contents

  1. Configuration options
    1. Access to the Control Panel
    2. Access to API
  2. Call tracking applications
    1. Offline tracking
    2. Online tracking

Configuration options

Access to the Control Panel

The most self evident requirement for being able to understand or implement the manual and contents provided here are clear. You need to be a matelso customer and have active access to the matelso Control Panel.

Access to API

If you use the functionalities directly via our API and use call tracking directly in your systems, we advise using our separate API documentation.

Call tracking applications

alt text

Offline tracking

Monitor the (call) success of print campaigns. Which of your commissioned posters generates the most calls? What is the conversion rate for each print medium? To find out how to answer these questions and which of our platform’s modules and functions are useful to you, click here

Online tracking

User-based evaluations of your campaigns. Know what was googled before you were called. Which click resulted in the desired success on the basis of which online advertising campaign? A telephone number specially for certain advertising campaigns. Meaningful draw of different telephone number pools using URL parameters. The entire range of call tracking offers for the online world can be found here